iPhone Management is Important to Businesses

Written by admin on May 28th, 2013. Posted in Bring your own device, Enterprise mobility, Mobile device security

Iphone security

With the advent of BYOD, otherwise known as Bring your own device, businesses now need to be aware of security and iPhone management issues surrounding these devices. Employees bringing their own smart phones can create potential security risks, as well as performance issues. Thus, the need for mobile device and iPhone management is of utmost importance.

Schools and other educational institutions have also implemented the BYOD model. It is gaining in popularity, as its benefits become known. Gone are the days when instructors required that all cell phones be turned off, or in some case forbidden all together. However, there are still security and management issues of phones in the classroom, so cell phone and iPhone management is important.

In businesses, management must create an atmosphere that protects their data, while allowing employees to bring and use their personal phones. Mobile device management, or MDM, can reduce those security risks. This management system can also reduce support costs through controlling the configurations and data accessed and used by employees.

Mobile device management, including iPhone management, can entail controlling hundreds of phones to ensure safety and security. IPhone security within the workplace through the use of apps to control usage. Because the BYOD model relies heavily on cloud based architecture, IT managers and others must be assured that company data is secure using iPhone management and other management services.

Apple has created and offers a simple app called Configurator. This free app allows managers to easily configure up to 30 iOS devices including iPhones and iPads simultaneously. This service eases the burden that managers may encounter when faced with hundreds of employees using personal iPhones and other such devices. IPhone management will become easier as part of the internal IT management structure.

Services such as iphone management, go hand in hand with other management software used by companies. Patch management and patch management software packages are used by IT departments to keep computers up to date to ensure they are all free from viruses and other potentially damaging code. Patch management software can assist IT staff in keeping computers up to date with updates. This software can also help identify, track and repair computers that are not current or up to date with the latest software updates. iPhone management and patch management will soon become a daily routine for many IT departments.

BYOD issues will soon become a thing of the past as iphone management services, as well as other mobile device management programs become more available and popular. IT departments will no longer be burdened by trying to manage and oversee hundreds, if not thousands of devices.

Three great benefits of iPhone management software

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Mobile device security

Each year brings greater advances in technology, especially in the business world. Many companies have in fact become so intertwined with technology that if there were to be an interruption or technological problem, the entire business could be at risk. One way to help ensure against such cataclysmic scenarios could be to use the right iPhone management software. Proper iPhone management can help any company that requires some or most of its employees to carry around cellphones as part of their job by reducing the risks that typically come along with such a practice.

iPhone management can drastically reduce the security risks that come along with company iPhones and other mobile devices. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, valuable data could easily fall into the wrong hands. A hacker or competing company could find out what a company has planned, or account numbers for valuable clients. With the right iPhone management, a company would be able to shut down a lost or stolen device, thus protecting all critical data.

iPhone management could also be used to help prevent the spread of spyware or computer viruses. Many businesses that use company iPhones and other portable devices may require that their employees connect to the main server. If they were to open an email or visit a harmful website on accident, they could be putting the entire company at risk. With proper iPhone management software however, these risks could be put to a minimum.

The right iPhone management program could also assist what might otherwise turn into a completely overwhelmed IT department. If a company has several hundred employees, that companies IT department will be the ones that not only have to keep track of all updates for desktop computers, but for mobile devices as well. The best iPhone management program could allow anyone to better keep track of all devices and computers in their office, so that nothing falls between the cracks. The more on top of such measures a company is, the better poised they will be to grow more successful. Good references here.

Taking Advantage Of Patch Management Software To Keep Your Corporate Office Strong

Written by admin on December 30th, 2011. Posted in Enterprise mobility, Mobile device security, Pc audit software

If you are the person in charge of IT management for a large corporate office that manages hundreds or even thousands of computers on your network, then you will know better than anyone how difficult it is to keep all of those machines updated to properly defend them against the latest viruses and spyware while at the same time monitoring for any possible holes in the network. For many, this might seem like an impossible task, and while you might be managing it the best you possibly can, taking advantage of patch management software can help you achieve a level of protection that is far superior than what human hands alone could accomplish.

Patch management software is the perfect large business solution because it is like having a dozen IT managers on board that never rest or take breaks. This is because when you install patch management software, it automatically monitors every single computer on your network instantaneously twenty-four hours a day to ensure that they are fully equipped with the latest software technology to battle viruses. If your patch management software solution finds any outdated computers, it will automatically update them. By the same token, patch management software can also be used to effectively track, identify, and eliminate viruses that made it through a loophole, and then plug any imperfections before they become a major network wide problem.

As if that is not enough, you can utilize patch management software to generate reports on all of the issues that it is finding and correcting at any given time so that you know if there is a weak point in your network that you are not seeing. You can even take manual control of the functions your patch management software solution offers in order to run diagnostics or fix certain issues that you may have caught. On its own, patch management software is a great but not perfect solution to your business; however, working in conjunction with a skilled IT professional, your skills matched with the software’s capabilities will offer a solution about as close to perfect as you can get when you are dealing with so many computers. This is the perfect way for your corporation to save money on payroll while at the same time increasing efficiency across the network. A better network means a more productive staff, so you have no time to waste in acquiring the best patch management solution you can get.

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