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Hire and Retain a Great Sales Force Today!

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Hiring sales representative

If you work in sales, you know that keeping on a good sales force is not easy. Nearly one third of sales representatives currently employed have only been working at their company for a year or less. Typically, the yearly turn over rate for a sales force is 40 percent. When you think about how much money it takes to search for and recruit sales people, that is an awful lot of capital being thrown away.

Bringing on and retaining a great sales force long term is a challenging but fiscally worthwhile endeavor for every sales organization. Hiring and training brand news sales and marketing reps is expensive, which is why it is so important to get it right the first time. Executive recruitment firms employ sales and marketing headhunters that vet prospective candidates for sales and recruiting jobs

Is Your Company Data at Risk?

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Computer inventory software

Did you know that, as early as 2010, there were at least 19.5 million tablet sales? Since then, that number has skyrocketed, and, in just three years, Apple alone has sold more than 39 million iPads. This increase in tablet sales, and the widespread use of smartphones, is encouraging another emerging trend, bring your own device systems. Bring your own device, or BYOD, is quickly becoming an accepted model in classrooms, and in the workplace. The most alarming thing about that decision? Companies and schools are taking limited actions, and sometimes no actions, to protect sensitive data. Instead, companies and college

Arnold’s Home Improvement in Toledo OH

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Arnold’s Home Improvement

1770 Tremainsville Rd

Toledo, OH 43620


Local Business Picture

Arnold’s Home Improvement is an award-winning home improvement and remodeling contractor located in Toledo, OH providing services throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan since 1990.
We deliver peace of mind to home owners by providing free home improvement resources, tips and information, such as how-to home improvement videos and worksheets, to help navigate projects, large and small.
In 2011, we were awarded the prestigious Torch Award by the Northwest Ohio Better Business Bureau (BBB). Torch Awards are presented to ethical companies and charities in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan who build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, remain transparent and honor their promises.

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